Bass fish are one of the most popular species for anglers in North America, namely Canada and the United States. Here are some interesting and entertaining facts about this popular species:

  • Males bump females; the male of the species bump the females to promote the laying of eggs. Imagine having someone bump into you to start the process of giving birth.
  • Guard fish; similar to guard dogs, male bass guard their eggs to protect them from predators.
  • A big catch does not mean an old fish; some of the bigger fish which are caught are actually some of the youngest.
  • Bass are smarter than you expect; they are a species which is extremely intelligent and can learn from their mistakes. If you almost catch a bass and they escape the line, they will know better next time.
  • Sixth sense; bass have six different senses, their sixth one being the ability to sense low-grade vibrations to help them detect impending danger or threats.
  • Red is a bass’ best friend; bass are attracted to and gravitate towards the colour red. This means red line, red lures and red coloured bait are a great way to draw this species in.