Endangered Species

As with many animals, there are a series of different types of endangered fish. There are dozens of different kinds of fish which are threatened species, some of which include:

  • Bluefin Tuna; this type of tuna was once one of the most prominent species in the Atlantic Ocean. They also are known as one of the largest species in size, as they can grow up to 10 feet in length and 1400 lbs in weight. This was recently deemed one of the top six most endangered species in the world.
  • Malta Ray; this Maltese ray is only found in select countries including Algeria, Italy and Malta as well as Tunisia. It looks and behaves very similar to other types of rays, but it is extremely endangered.
  • Goliath Grouper; this type of grouper is endangered, and has been for a while. This fish is also often referred to as the jewfish and lives in subtropical climates. The fact it is called the ‘goliath’ of the grouper species is appropriate and fitting, as it can grow over seven feet in size, much larger than any other grouper.
  • European Eel; this eel lives and primarily inhabits the North Atlantic Ocean but can also be found in the Baltic and the Mediterranean seas. These eels have a unique cycle in terms of their lives and development. These eels live to six years old before they return from freshwater to spawn and procreate.
  • Orange Roughy; this fish is also referred to as the slimehead, and these fish, though endangered, can survive in many different habitats and are often found in New Zealand, Australia and as far as Namibia. These fish can actually live up to 150 years which is incredible, so if preservation and conservation efforts continue, this is a species which can be removed from the endangered list.