Fishing Across the World

Fishing is something which is universal and enjoyed all over the world. If you are already an enthusiast or maybe looking to get into this hobby, perhaps taking a fishing trip is on your horizon. If so, here are the top five fishing destinations all over the world.

1) Umba River, Russia

Located in the Kola Peninsula, an area of Russia well known for its natural beauty and wonders, from snowy forests to reindeer herds and even the Northern Lights. Once this winter wonderland fades and the snow melts, it is a fisherman’s dream; salmon season. Around April and May of each year, fishermen of all shapes and sizes come from far and wide, to experience the Umba River for some of the best salmon fishing in the world. There is what undoubtedly seems to be an endless flow of fish. This river is not for a beginner’s first trip, as it requires expertise to navigate the rough waters, and there are also bears who like to enjoy the salmon as well.

2) Cairns, Australia

The infamous Great Barrier Reef is known to be home to a plethora of different aquatic species. The waters of the Great Barrier Reef are a great place to catch several species of fish. Marlin is one of the draws for many who come to fish in Cairns, as it is a sought-after catch, and can be up to nearly 800 kg in weight, but can swim surprisingly fast despite their giant size.

3) Florida and other Southern US states

Southern US is known for some alternative fishing methods including frogging, gator hunting and noodling, which mostly refers to fishing with your bare hands. Noodling is the most common and used when fishing for catfish, a fish native to the waters of the southern United States.

4) Eg Uur River Basin, Mongolia

In this unique river, you can find some of the largest trout you will ever lay eyes on. This is an individual species called the Taimen. These are no ordinary trout, they are carnivorous, and are fondly known as river wolves; nasty creatures which can live up to 50 years.

5) Amazon Basin, Brazil

This basin is full of the infamous little snappers known as piranhas. There are guided tours, and it is best to go with a professional to catch these fish and handle them safely.