Fishing Boats

Many different types of boatsexist in various regions for various kinds of fishing. You can often rent or buy these boats, depending on your need and how often you do, or plan to, fish.

  • Jon boat; these are the most of fishing boats, and are essentially tin vessels with two or three bench seats. They are mostly used for shorter fishing excursions, including trips which are a day or even just a couple of hours. These boats tend to be relatively inexpensive to own and operate.
  • Yacht; large yachts are often used for fishing in larger bodies of water, and can be used for longer and more complex trips.
  • Bass boats; these boats can be 14 to 23 feet long and are best, and mostly used for, different types of freshwater fishing. These boats are designed specifically for fishing, and can come as simple or as basic as just the boat and its motor, but can also be well equipped with things such as navigation, speakers and fish finders.
  • Bay boats; these boats are best for shallow water fishing experiences.
  • Convertible fishing boats; these are larger and more comfortable boats, making them great options for offshore fishing or excursions for a day or two.
  • Houseboats; these leisurely crafts are great for meandering down waterways and stopping to fish along the way. These are more intended for recreational fishing than they are for sporting activities.
  • Catamaran; great for ocean and offshore fishing, these boats offer passengers a smooth ride and also give excellent fuel economy.
  • Airboat; used for fishing in shallow rivers and mostly for noodling and gator hunting etc. These boats are powered by large fans.