Edible Fish

There are many different types of fish which are edible and enjoyed all over the world; some of the most common includes:

  • Haddock; this is a type of saltwater fish found in the North Atlantic Ocean and enjoyed all over the world fresh and frozen. This is arguably the most popular fish when it comes to fish and chips, in the world as a whole.
  • Cod; another fish which is popular and enjoyed all over the world is cod. There are two main types of cod; Pacific and Atlantic Cod
  • Salmon; this term is often used loosely for a variety of ray-finned species which are enjoyed in many different forms. Salmon is a delicacy cooked but is also enjoyed smoked.
  • Tuna; tuna is one of the only fish which can maintain a body temperature that is actually higher than the temperature of the water they swim in and enjoy. It is important to consider the way the fish are consumed and be informed consumers by leveraging resources and marine conservation groups
  • Shrimp; a crustacean, shrimp can be enjoyed cooked or uncooked, and come in lots of varied shapes and sizes. Shrimp that are caught straight from the ocean tend to be larger, and often preferred over shrimp farmed in large numbers.