Pike vs Muskie

Pike and muskie are often compared as they are both considered monsters of the water. It can undoubtedly be tricky to tell these two fish apart if you are not a professional in the fishing department.

Some of the similarities between these two fish include the fact that they share similar shapes, sizes and, of course, inhabit many of the same bodies of water. They are also both predator fish, eating anything and everything.

Some of the areas where they differ include their markings. Muskies are spotted or have no marking at all, whereas pike almost always has very light and evident spots on a dark ‘background’. The gill cover is another telling factor, as muskies are only half covered in scales, and pike are completely covered. One final tip-off is actually the number of pores or holes under each fish’s jaw; muskies have anywhere from six to nine whereas pike has only five.

Some other differences which may not be evident by looking at them, are their different appetites and diets, as muskies tend to be a little bit pickier, avoiding dead bait, but pike will happily enjoy these delicacies.

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